Saturday, April 11, 2015

Sephora Jumbo Liner | Review

Hey everyone!  So the other day I was in Sephora, and I was looking at the Sephora brand makeup.  The only Sephora makeup I've swatched and used are their lip liners.  I came across their eyeliners and jumbo liners, and right off the bat I was so impressed with their pigmentation and how absolutely smooth they are!  I also saw that they claimed to be waterproof.  With the weather getting hotter, my eye makeup can crease a lot easier, so I thought it would be great to really try the jumbo liners out.  To see my review on this product, just keep reading!

Sephora Crayon Jumbo 12H, Jumbo Liner 12HR wear
07 Brown
$14.00 at Sephora

Like I said before, these are EXTREMELY pigmented.  I swatched these in the store with hardly any pressure and the payoff was amazing.  I swatched a few colors, but the Brown shade really stood out to me since I've been on the hunt for a nice shimmery brown liner.  Not long after swatching the liners, I ran my fingers over the liners to see if they would smudge, and it did not budge!

Along with my eyeshadows always creasing, I've always had a problem with liner on my waterline running and smudging.  Applying the liner on my waterline was kind of difficult.  The product didn't really transfer well, but it did work on my lower lash line great.  I wore it for a whole day, and the liner did not budge!

The next day I tried using it as a base.  There is so much color payoff with this that I actually applied too much.  When I tried to blend it out I had a hard time because it sets so fast!  So my tip for using this as a base is start with a little product and work fast.  Layering the product is your best bet when using it as a base.  Just as it did as a liner, I saw no creasing!  My eyeshadows stayed put the whole day.

As for its claim to be waterproof...I'd say that's a true statement.  It's so difficult to take remove it with just water and face wash.  You definitely have to use a great makeup remover to completely remove the product.  Read about how I remove my eye makeup here.

In the swatches below, the first swatch it just one swipe with a light hand.  The second swatch is two swipes.  You can see the color builds up beautifully,  The last swatch is the liner blended out.  Remember:  you have to work fast if you want to blend it out to use it as a shadow or base.  I recommend using your fingers to blend it out so the warmth of your fingers make it easier to work with.

Now that I've tested out these jumbo liners, I'm totally going to pick up more! I highly recommend these, especially if you have issues with your eye makeup creasing and smudging.

Have you tried out these jumbo liners?  What other liners do you recommend?  Thanks for reading, and have a great weekend!


  1. Love the colour of this! I wish we had a sephora here everything always looks amazing. I can't believe how pigmented this is but I'm not sure if I could handle trying to wash it off!

    1. It takes a little more effort, but the things we do for beauty :) Thanks!

  2. the colour of this looks beautiful, I wish we had Sephora where I live. Lovely post! X


  3. Replies
    1. I know! It's a beautiful color :) Thanks for reading!

  4. Awesome review. Thanks for sharing and Happy Monday!

    Eye See Euphoria |


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