Monday, November 14, 2016

Fall Beauty Inspiration

Hey everyone!  I know it's been a while, but I'm back!  Today's post is about fall beauty trends that I am loving at the moment.  I was looking through the Adore Me site, which is a lingerie subscription site, and I saw all the new Fall looks they have available.  It made me think of what pieces I would pair with my favorite makeup looks for Fall.  Thank you to Adore Me for inspiring this post and making me a part of this fun project!  Keep on reading to see what Fall beauty trend I've been loving and what looks from Adore Me I was inspired by.  And don't forget to check out all the lingerie, bras, and sleepwear they have!

When Fall comes around, everyone tends to go for the dark lip.  I love the look of deep tones on the lips, but this year I've been trying to focus more on the eyes.  I love the sultry look of deep and warm tones to accentuate the eyes.  Highlighted skin is always a must for me, and I like to balance out the more dramatic eyes with a neutral/nude lip.  The perfect eye palette to create a look like this for me is the Lorac Pro palette.  It has everything from warm tones all the way to deep cool tones.  Another palette that I am dying to get my hands on that would be perfect for this look is the Kyle Cosmetics Burgundy Palette.

A huge fashion trend at the moment are bralettes.  I love how feminine they look under tops because they add a little something special to an outfit without being over the top, which is how I love to dress.  As I was looking through the Adore Me site, I thought the bralette in the Allesandra set would look amazing against a dark eye look.  I also love the high neck line in this bralette.

Another great bralette is part of the Elvinia set.  My favorite color to wear in the Fall in a nice gray, and this gray is beautiful in this lace.  It just looks great with everything!  I imagine wearing this bralette with a deep cool toned eye.

Products mentioned:
Lorac Pro - Ulta $44

What is your favorite beauty trend in the Fall?  What collection on the Adore Me site best reflects that for you?  I'd love to see your comments!  Thanks for reading and Happy Fall!

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