Sunday, September 14, 2014

Ed Sheeran Concert | Photos and Videos

The day finally came! I saw Ed Sheeran live for the second time Friday night, and I am still getting over how amazing it was.  If you've seen him live then you know what I mean.  The last time I saw him, it was in a much smaller theater, and seeing him play in an arena was so cool.  That goes to show how his audience has grown so much.  Read more on my experience and for photos and videos...

His opening act, Rudimental, was great.  It was something different.  I love that we got to see another act from the UK.  Not long after their set, Ed came out and the crowd went insane.  It still amazes me how one guy with a guitar can command a crowd and keep them entertained so well.  I love seeing him put a song together using a loop pedal.  There was also a point in the performance where he would ask people not to sing so we could really take in the song the way he intended.  Something I did notice though was that it wasn't as intimate as the last time I saw him.  I guess that's something that happens when you're in a bigger venue.  Either way, it was the perfect show!

I could go on and on talking about how much I love him, but I won't drag it out any longer.  Here are some photos of the show.  They're not the best and I didn't get many, but I chose some favorites.  I also added in a video of "Tenerife Sea" at the end, which is one of the sweetest songs ever and one of my all time favorites.  Check out videos from this concert linked below and my first Ed Sheeran concert on my YouTube channel as well.  Enjoy!

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