Friday, July 18, 2014

My favorite nail color!

Today is a Friday Favorite!  I love having color on my nails, and there's one particular color that I love wearing all year round.  I've been reaching for it the past few times I've done my nails.  It's a very deep and dark turquoise/navy.  I love having dark colors like this one on my nails not matter what season it is, so if you have any recommendations on similar colors then let me know!  This one is from Ulta, and the consistency and pigmentation is amazing.  One of the reasons I wear it so much is because it's easy to apply.  I have on two coats.

"Into Astrono-Me?"

What nail colors are your favorite at the moment?

Have an amazing weekend! xo


  1. that colour is gorgeous!

    from helen at

    ps. my giveaway to win a cute Dahlia coat ends soon! click here!

    1. Thank you! Love your blog and entered your giveaway :)


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