Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The Kimono Top

If I had to name a popular trend for this Spring/Summer, it would definitely be the kimono top.  I've seen these everywhere in many different prints from floral to aztec.  I think they are so cute, and they can instantly turn a normal outfit into something more dressed up.  They're also lightweight, which is great for Summer weather, especially at night.  Kimono tops are one of my favorite things right now.  Here are a couple that I recently bought.


I love this one because it's a bit of a cross between a blazer and kimono.  If you look closely at the front, you can see a lapel type opening.  There are also pockets, which I love. These colors are definitely perfect for the Summer! 

Forever 21

I actually bought this top back in March but I wore in for the first time in May.  I am in love with this top, and a lot of people seemed to love it too!  I love that this one has a larger lace look to it.  The detailing on the edges are so nice too!

Here's how I wore it! 

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  1. Love that cardigan! So pretty!

    ~ Mikéla Davelyn ~


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