Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Tune Tuesday: Ed Sheeran 'X'

As a massive Ed Sheeran fan, yesterday was a big day.  His album, X or Multiply, came out!  I've been a big fan of Ed for a couple of years now with Lego House being the first song I ever heard from him.  I got the chance to see him live last year in January, and it was bfar the best live show I've ever been to.  He didn't need huge production, and I loved seeing him work with the loop pedal.  It was AMAZING!

Here's a little clip from the show I went to.

So I made it my mission yesterday to pick up his album.  I got the deluxe version and F.Y.E. was giving away a free poster with the purchase of the album.  I did listen to a few songs ahead of time since he was releasing a song everyday until the actual release, so I had an idea of what the album would be like.  But let me tell you...listening to the album as a whole for the first time is a way different experience.  It's so much better!  It's hard to pick favorites because it's all so good, but there are some that stood out to me:

  • Don't 
  • Photograph 
  • Tenerife Sea 
  • Runaway
  • Shirtsleeves (deluxe only) 

If you haven't gotten the chance to listen to the new album, I highly recommend it! And if you ever have the opportunity to see him live, DO IT!  You won't regret it.


  1. I love his new album. Not that I don't adore his other songs already.


    1. He's definitely one of my favorite artists! Thanks for reading my post :)


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